About DWIC

Brought to you by Global Reinsurance and the Dubai International Financial Centre Authority (DIFC), the 8th annual Dubai World Insurance Congress (DWIC) continues to re-imagine the traditional conference to deliver unrivalled networking, business and thought leadership opportunities, all under one roof.

Global Reinsurance first came to the region in 2007, launching Multaqa Qatar.

In 2024, the event was moved from it’s traditional date in March so that it could respect the holy month of Ramadan and the period of Eid al-Fitr. And a brand new venue!

A record number of delegates attended DWIC in 2024. More than 1,300 senior executives from 74 countries came together at the iconic Atlantis, The Palm. Over two days, more than 6,000 meetings took place.

NEW FOR 2025?
For 2025, we have added an extra day and this will provide more valuable meeting time for our delegation.


The place to do business

Since it’s launch in 2017, DWIC has focused on providing senior insurance executives with a platform to meet and do business. Working with brokers, insurers and reinsurers, DWIC 2024 reinforced its position as the regional focal point for (re)insurance transactions.


As well as a great place to meet existing clients, DWIC offers attendees the opportunity to make new contacts. In 2024, DWIC saw more than 6,000 meetings scheduled via the online Meeting Hub.


DWIC is a great place to hear from internationally renowned thought leaders. Our 2025 conference program will include quick-fire interviews, roundtable discussions, and product focused seminars. Delegates can choose which sessions to attend in advance.



Stay informed with Global Reinsurance

David Benyon, editor


So much about the reinsurance market is in flux right now, which is making it an exciting place to be, and adding to the need for insights, thought leadership and market intelligence. GR has changed, too, covering the big events, interviews and trends in this market, providing trusted news and insights for the sector.

Most obviously, there’s the market cycle, decisively turned at recent renewals, creating hard market conditions of rising rates, tighter wordings, and constrained capacity available for buyers. This keeps broker skills sharp and is providing great opportunities for underwriters. With higher attachments and reinsurers posting strong figures, the sector has some good performance prospects. Whether we see the search for profitable growth become an influx of capacity and new entrants, or the constraints of a sellers’ market continue, we’ve reached a fascinating juncture in 2024.

New challengers are already locking horns with traditional ways of doing things in this industry. This can mean new business hubs, such as in Dubai or Singapore, and new ways for startups to challenge the status quo, such as via insurtech-led MGAs that make use of state-of-the-art technology to underwrite in news ways, linking risk with capital more efficiently.

Then there’s the technological transformation, which can only accelerate due to the greater potential being unlocked by insurtech and emerging technologies, and artificial intelligence in particular, promising to unlock value and efficiency from everything from underwriting insights to managing claims and modelling emerging risks.

And, of course, there are the volatile risks themselves, continuing to create the uncertainty giving investors pause for thought, putting a premium on quality underwriting. The emerging risk landscape continues to shift, with extreme weather and climate change buffeting key markets like Florida and California, to geopolitical turmoil around the globe, to shadowy, less understood threats, such as systemic cyber risk.

GR is also tilting the ways it serves the re/insurance market. This means a couple of different things. Firstly, there are more big interviews to provide comment from key figures in the sector, bringing personality, insight and fresh perspectives to this beguiling new market environment. We will doing this through an expanded 2024 Annual Edition published for the Monte Carlo rendezvous and subsequent coverage, and will prioritise interview content with industry thought leaders in 2024.

GR will continue to provide the G of global coverage, and supplement this with increased onus on our key strength serving the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA). These markets need global as well as regional insights, and form the core constituency of our rapidly-expanding flagship event, the Dubai World insurance Congress (DWIC) as well as for our Global Executive Breakfast Roundtable, held in Monte Carlo in partnership with the Dubai International Financial Centre.


DWIC 2024 post event report: From Uncertainty to Opportunity

An event report on this year’s record-breaking Dubai World Insurance Congress, in association with the Dubai International Financial Centre Authority.

The Dubai World Insurance Congress (DWIC) 2024 was the biggest DWIC yet, welcoming 1,300 delegates from around the world to the premier (re)insurance event for Middle East, Africa and South Asia reinsurance markets.

Dubai as a global hub for this industry is expanding exponentially, and our partners at the DIFC are at the heart of a thriving community; and a fertile environment for business, talent, technology and innovation to grow and prosper.

Middle East markets hold untapped growth potential, and the region remains under-insured, even as it embarks on ambitious new projects that will transform economies and provide opportunities for (re)insurance to underwrite development.

The DWIC 2024 event report includes coverage of the keynote speakers, including Vicky Carter, deputy chairman of Lloyd’s, and QBE’s group CEO, Andrew Horton.

There is also a wealth of coverage of the event sessions, live one-to-one interviews, and reports of the several thought-leadership roundtable discussions that took place.

Global Reinsurance and our partners at the DIFC Authority wish to thank all of our wonderful speakers, event sponsors, and delegates, for making DWIC 2024 such an unprecedented success.