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Whilst DWIC has networking at its heart the steering committee is committed to providing a business programme that educates, provokes thought and inspires. No sessions are longer than one hour and delegates can opt-in to suit their individual needs over the two-day event.

If your company is interested in hosting a Satellite Session or Roundtable please contact dan.king@nqsm.com


We always recommend that our delegates plan their attendance early to ensure access to the best time slots for meetings. For DWIC2022 tables will be restricted to a maximum of 4 participants.

If you intend to have meetings with a larger group we would recommend that you reserve a Meeting Space for your company.

Client Lounge – suite of 2 sofas for up to 6 people
Meeting Table – for up to 8 people

If you are interested in reserving a Meeting Space for your company please contact Dan.King@nqsm.com


The final agenda will be published shortly. Herewith some of the topics that our DWIC community have suggested.

Focus Session
Climate: The road to net zero – The role of the insurance industry in carbon removal and what this will look like in the MENA region
Climate: Extreme weather in a changing climate: Raising more awareness of the risk posed by extreme weather – and how that translates to losses on the ground; Making weather-related secondary perils as insurable as peak perils – The time to act is now
Cyber: Dangers of constantly evolving Cyber Risk
Digital: Capitalising on the opportunities of disruption and digital acceleration in the new normal
Digital: Digital Health and Wellbeing for Insurance – the now and the future
Digital: Physical to digital-first claims: Bridging the workforce transition – with the right mix of human-digital interaction
Emerging Risks: From threat to opportunity – tackling emerging risks in the region
Insurtech: The VC Perspective: Who will be the winners in the new world of insurtechs?
Mobility: Autonomous vehicles: they are becoming real
Regulation: Digital insurance: Challenges for Middle East regulators
Takaful: Spotlight Takaful – Review of the market and latest innovations
Vision: Spotlight on the MENA region – Insurance2030
Vision: The business of the future, the future of business – a view from the top
Workforce: The Workforce of the Future – upskilling and reskilling, as well as winning the talent war



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  • Day 1

    Wednesday 09 March 2022

  • Day 2

    Thursday 10 March 2022